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These offerings are Drenched in technical knowledge and practical tools including: A thorough introduction to Music Production in multiple softwares (mainly Ableton), DJing in software and CDJs, Music Business/ Building a Career, Sound Engineering, Composition and Dynamic Song Design, Mixing, Remixing, Finding Your Signature Sound, Live Performance, Recording Vocal and Instruments, Sound Healing, Stepping into Your Full Expression, Activating Your Voice and Your Fearlessness as you step into the Music Industry
We offer A few different ::kinds of Immersions:: 

:Womxn Lead:: Womxn: Attended
:Womxn and Men Lead: Womxn Attended
:Fully Co:Ed: Collabs with Solar Sound Men's Version
We offer opportunities for continued education via our online educational platform and Life Changing Mentorship.
Providing Equal Opportunity through accessible pricing is
extremely important us. 

We strive to offer ongoing scholarships to BIWOC (Womxn of Color and Indigineous Background)
 We are a Regional and International Event. We usually have around two Shakti Sound immersions in the U.S.A per year and one Global location.

Our Producers

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