The Future of Music is Here

Are you ready to make music with your new mentors and musical sister tribe immersed in natural Beauty?! Let’s do this.


We are a collaborative team of established womxn Music Producers and DJs providing sophisticated training in a lush, learning conducive environment. We offer rich and diverse content that provides skills-based training, personal empowerment and transformation.

Shakti Sound is so much more than an educational immersion.
It's a Movement.
This is just the Beginning of a Womxn Lead Evolution in the music industry.
When we look around at the current music scene it becomes obvious that there is a shortage of women producers and DJs. Time to change that!
This is a niche just waiting to be filled by You and your Sisters.
Whether you are a Beginner or Intermediate at Music Production on Ableton or DJing there is is something in this Immersion for Everyone.
You will Leave this course with a potent set of Tools and Skills you need to start or continue to Share your Unique Musical Message whether that be through your own produced music or DJing.
We aim to provide you a container where women's value is seen and encouraged.
We will empower and Amplify our combined Musical Intentions through ongoing ceremony and sisterhood.

We are a group of highly skilled women in the music industry field that represent diverse ethnicities, backgrounds, and countries of origin.

We are Ready to teach highly valuable skills to womxn of all backgrounds who are ready to learn the technical and social aspects of the music world and all that comes with taking the necessary steps to master this work.

We use the term 'Womxn' and not 'Women' because it means we are inviting and including of any person who identifies as a woman.

Accessibility and inclusivity are keystones of our vision.

We are determined to create a strong network of diverse womxn in the music industry who will champion equal opportunity for bookings, promotional exposure, and compensation for female performers-because they've earned it!

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step on Your Musical Journey?

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