We will announce the schedule as we get closer, but for now, check out some of the classes that will most likely be incorporated... Enjoy!

 Ableton: Explore, Create, Refine

*EXPLORE- *Explore your inner landscape.

Fundamentals of Ableton live,explore the interface,preferences,session view and arrangement view,warping,midi and audio,tracks,scenes and channels,instruments etc.

*CREATE- *Create and get inspired by connecting with your senses and emotions. Ableton 102

Once you know what you’re feeling,you can connect,transmute and start creating a form of expression.

Make a template, create, basic instrument racks, clips, play with midi and audio, record, create a song,etc.

*REFINE-*Refine,change,process,modify and improve your ideas and intentions. Ableton 103

Once you have created some ideas,you can organize them, polish them,redefine and improve them.

Add effects, edit ,delete what no longer works, etc, rearrange if necessary, refine your track, basic EQing and mixing.

LOOPING with Ableton or Hardware

Learn to master the looping function in Ableton, play with designing and arranging vocal based song. Learn how to layer 

DJing- Taking it to the Next Level

Are you ready to develop your skills and possibly career as a DJ? This three day workshop builds upon itself, from the most basic familiarization with the software and concept of DJing to the path of mastery in song choice and atmospheric direction.  This is an introductory level workshop that focuses on the very important aspects of setting up your playlist, building a story, beat matching, tempo changing, character mixing, character mixing and navigating the software. 

Creative Mastery of Your Set: Building a Journey

Here we will create a DJ set of your choosing. We will give you the tools to begin using the tracks you have to create a journey that will move bodies and hearts. This will look at the curves and climaxes that different types of sets portray. From Birth to Death each set goes through an Adolescence and a Build into it's full expression or Adulthood. We will observe and break down this journey in a way that helps us to rebuild and design sets of our choosing seamlessly.

Signal Flow: Recording 101

From the microphone to the speaker.  This is the very first and most important class they teach in engineering school.  It follows the sound current from the moment it enters the microphone, through the interface, compressors, eq, mixer and out to the speakers.  It is universal through every kind of system, whether you're working with live sound, pro tools, or even garage band!  In fact, if you understand signal flow path, you should be able to work within almost any program or sound system that exists.  

Album production  

This would be for anyone who's ever wanted to make an album but has no idea where to start. Convering topics such as how to choose instruments and the overall theme of the album, how to organize a timeline and follow it, finding an engineer/co-producer, and most importantly, how to hold onto the soul of your own music whilst collaborating with other people.  

Merging the Acoustic and Electronic Worlds

Bringing Live elements into your music. Learn how to make a beat that will hold your sound. Great for singer song writers. Learn how to make any kind of beat style that you want using the wave form of the song to mimic it with your own samples. This is also a deeper dive into recording, acoustic album design and best equipment for the job. 


Introduction on how to put sounds together to make a completed song or album.Panning, eq, compression, effects, and how to choose the focus of the mix.  


Together we will explore the Costa Rican Jungle with our video cameras, capturing our essence in a collaboratively written and directed music video. We will bring a pre produced beat by the Shakti Sound faciltators to the event and invite collaboration on site. Together we will create something spectacular! Bring a costume that embodies your full expression.

Breaking the Silence: Open Blocks to Sharing your Gifts, Vocal Empowerment and Claiming One's True Song 

Letting go of blocks that hold our voice back. It's time to claim our space and our worth. This is a highly empowering and introspective workshop that turns into a song writing session that then transforms into a cypher weaving together with your sisters a story of our shared empowerment. This will allow you to look at what holds you back and release that once and for all. 

Music with a Purpose

Music as a Tool for Activism. ... Music provides a framework and platform through which to package and present an idea or point of view. As a result, music can serve to open up conversations and spur reflection and action relating to the issues of the day. The fact is, musicians often serve as our society's conscience.  In this session we will discuss tools for Using your platform as a tool, Finding your voice to speak, Practicing announcing a problem and solution within your sets, Using social media to spread a movement, Using your music to raise funds with, Writing music with a message

Music as a prayer, Creating or teaming up with action events in correlation with your show

Voice of My Womb: Reclaiming Feminine Rhythm In Creative Process- Honoring the Birth Cycles of our Muses 

Listening to our cycles as womxn and learning to create with them is one of the most valuable tools we can use in our process. There are times when we are in the summertime of expression and other times the winter. This is a deep dive into honoring our individual pace, looking at what our womb is saying to us, and tuning in with the void of creation within you. Pure Magic!

Not Just a Hobby: Building a Career that Pays:

 101 on Booking, Performing, Management, Licensing, Touring and Marketing yourself.

Learn how to navigate a male dominated music industry with confidence and grace as a female performer! In this workshop we will cover an array of aspects pertaining to a budding music career. We will explore logistical aspects.... from the booking to the actual performance to settlement and we will also explore the creative side of developing your stage show and performance style. What kind of talents can you lean into? What are your natural strengths? How can you make your show unique?

How to Overcome Fear and Put your Musical Voice into the World

 Discussion on what challenges us to step forward. A general sharing and relating on what common fear we have in getting the show on the road. Learning simple solutions for acknowledging the fear and finding what it is teaching us. Make challenges something exciting to face rather than something impossible. 


Stepping into the Industry Empowered and Confident: How to Integrate/ Take-Aways/ Creating an Action Plan and Goals

Time to ground a plan of action and best practices for its implementation. This is a reflection and integration on what we've learned that usually happens at the end of the course. Here we will reaffirm the ways we've overcome our challenges and previous fears through this experience and create solid plans for our future days, months and years to come together. 

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