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Shakti Sound


Shakti Sound Retreat Feb 4- 11th
Our Venue: The Yoga Forest

Event page RSVP Here: Shakti Sound Retreat


Shakti Sound is landing on the sacred and stunning Mayan lands of Lake Atitlan in San Marcos, Guatemala on Feb 4th-11th 2021, at the Beautiful Sanctuary: The Yoga Forest.


Surrounded by natural beauty and within these majestic horizons, Shakti Sound will gather in an intimate circle of women ready to step forth into their musical destiny.


Together we shall call upon, write, record and produce our truest heart’s song. 


Imagine all of your needs met, the highest quality food and the opportunity to immerse yourself daily into a rich and deeply integrative curriculum based in Electronic and Acoustic Music production, Djing, Music Business, Recording, Song writing, Vocal Activation and Embodiment.


Imagine what could be possible when we are surrounded by magical co-creators, sharing inspiration and spending our time building our skills together with just as much time to integrate and practice them.


Are you ready to make music with your new mentors and musical sister tribe in a physically and energetically beautiful, luscious environment?


Let’s do this.


Every event we’ve hosted so far has sold out so far. What does that say to us? That we need this right now. Womxn are calling for this opportunity and safe environment to learn.


We are here as a bridge for the bigger picture to take form. This is so much more than a retreat or training.


This is a movement uplifting womxn on a planetary level.

The full Shakti Sound Retreat experience is nothing short of the most magical life changing experience we can provide for you. We pull out all the stops for each event we produce, with a goal to make each experience even more next level than the last.


We spare no expense, to make sure that you leave feeling extremely satisfied by the quality of our offering from our our customer service, to our facilities, to our food and especially the quality of our program.


In the retreat you can expect an impeccably crafted curriculum. We are here to offer you an extremely high quality educational immersion.


This includes plenty of time to technical mentorship and personal guidance from today’s leading women in music.  We feel that it’s important to balance your class time with mentorship and practice time to make sure you are absorbing and integrating all that you came to learn to the best of our ability.


And don't worry, we balance all our class time with plenty of space to move our bodies, sing together, dance together, pray together and share vulnerably together in beautifully held circle.


With all the juicy information we are learning, we put a special emphasize on Embodiment.

Our teachers are here to be your personal music gurus and friends.  We are carefully selecting a group of professionals that know the ins and outs of the music, empowerment and career based content we are coordinating. They will share their secrets with you that took them years to discover on their own because we believe in open source sharing of knowledge and skills so that we can all learn from one another’s challenges and successes. We only bring in the highest of caliber artists and educators for this offering.


What’s really amazing about this retreat is that it’s for all skill levels. We will have a track for complete beginners in all aspects of music where we will nurture your process and your finding of your musical voice, understanding what you want, learning the skills to start to explore and begin to create.  And we have a track specially designed for intermediate level or returning Shaktis.


You can choose to switch between the tracks, it’s all open to your personal desire of what and how you want to learn that day.


We enjoy making each retreat unique by empowering our teachers to share classes that highlight their specialities. 


We have created a curriculum that supports us in maintaining our feminine essence while we get techy together.


You can view our previous curriculums on our website:


Our intention is to educate while also truly making space for the creative energy to move through us into our creations.

You will leave this experience beyond satisfied.


If you are looking for a course that uses the time we have together to learn to the fullest way while also really diving deep into a transformational experience, this is it.


You can look forward to learning so many new skills that you will carry with you for the rest of your life!


You will be healed and strengthened on your path by the depth of sisterhood that we achieve.  Learning together as women is incredibly special.


Because we all share a purpose, when we come together in this collective field with these shared goals, magic happens. After these kinds of initiations, things in your life fall into place.  


The work and devotion that you put in, the investment that you make in yourself, is without fail, returned to you upon arrival at Shakti Sound and indefinitely moving forward.


This is guaranteed to uplift your soul, set you on your way to your fullest potential and connect you to parts of yourself that have been waiting for the proper guidance and tools to activate.


Join us at the modern day Musical Mystery School that is Shakti Sound to do what you came here to do, together.

Our Movement

Our Ethos

We are much more than an educational immersion.

It's a Movement.

We will do everything we can to uplift the Feminine in Music and on a Planetary Level.


We stand for equal representation of womxn within music. We are here to empower you to do whatever it is you could possibly want to do with your music. It’s up to you and your imagination for yourself. We are here to support you every step of the way with the deepest care and nurturing of your process.  We mentor our women in how to showcase one’s personal message in one’s music, building confidence and overcoming blocks as a woman, business and marketing, tools to stay productive and creative, and how to create the stage presence and storylines each artist desires to transfer to her audience. 


Our offering aims to be extremely inclusive of all ages, demographics and cultural backgrounds. That being said, Feminine Principles, Inclusivity, Accessibility, Equality, Non-Competition and Love are some of the most important values we stand for at Shakti Sound.


We symbolize sisterhood and feminine synergy in a way that many of us have never experienced.  We are women of many different ethnicities coming together to represent inclusivity and shared purpose. 


We strive to create a strong network of women in the industry that places the value of handing a woman more opportunities much higher than competing with her. In fact we see that if this movement continues to take hold in all of its forms, more women will have the confidence to enter into the industry, women will get booked more often at equal stature as male producers, women will experience no need to compete but enjoy the experience of being a part of something much bigger than themselves. 


Whatever you want for yourself and your music is possible. We are here to provide you with the steps needed to access your gifts.

::Venue Info::


We serve local organic produce whenever is possible and prepare our delicious vegetarian meal with love. We can cater to certain dietary restrictions, such as vegan and gluten free. Please advise management of your needs as well as any allergies.


We do not have wifi available for guests at The Yoga Forest and recommend that you connect in town prior to hiking to The Yoga Forest to let your loved ones know that you are safely in San Marcos. The Yoga Forest is a unique retreat space where we encourage you to disconnect from modern day distractions and fully immerse in the experience of being here now!


We operate on a simple solar electricity system. You may charge your devices in the morning when the sun is shining ONLY between 9am-12pm. Please put devices on charge in the charger station at breakfast and remove them at lunch, the charging station will be turned off in the afternoons once the sun has passed over the panels or when power is low. We recommend you keep your devices in FLIGHT MODE while with us to maximise your battery life.


Our manager can assist you between 8.30-11 AM and 2-4 PM each day for reception assistance and access to the safe. The Office is closed outside these times. If you need assistance outside of these hours, please see our Wellness Staff who will be present for Guest Relations. 


Telephones for international calls can be made in the town of San Marcos La Laguna. We also recommend that you give your family our contact details so that you can be contacted in the unlikely event of an emergency back home. Phone +502 3301 1835 and email



Weather in San Marcos La Laguna is usually very mild. Most days the temperature is around 17-24 degrees Celsius, however due to the altitude here at Lake Atitlån (1500m), nights can be as low as 8 degrees.

Guatemala has a dry season (November to April) and a wet season (May- October) each year. July and August are often also dry with a break in the rains. Please pack accordingly for stays during the wet season.


Please wear shoes and keep clean feet at all times, especially in sacred spaces. Wash your hands regularly with filtered water and soap, especially before meals.


Our café space is small and easily becomes cluttered with personal items. Please be conscious of picking up your belongings and keeping them in your room, in your bag hung on the office wall hooks, or on the shelves there. Any loose items left in the café space will be put in our LOST & FOUND and are available for anyone to claim.


The Temascal is lit once a week and available for use for guests of The Yoga Forest. This is due to the conscious use of wood for fire.


As the Yoga Forest operates using organic farming principles, we insist that our guests use ONLY organic and environmentally friendly bathroom and cleaning products that are biodegradable. Lago Atitlån is an endangered lake and we hope to educate and promote the use of bio cleaning alternatives around the lake basin. Unnatural soaps will be removed from bathrooms. We have natural soaps and moon cups for sale if needed.

Venue Info
What to Bring

What to Bring?


Travel bath towel

Journal and/or Notebook (Pens/Pencils)

Yoga Clothes

Comfortable hang out and warm clothes for night, long sleeves and trouser with socks to avoid bug bites

Sandals/Flip Flops & Walking Shoes

Organic mosquito repellent

Toiletries (Organic & Biodegradable - including hand & body soap, shampoo, toothpaste, tooth brush)

Personal Medications (or not?!)

A Moon cup for your moon cycle (Divacup, Femmecup etc) we also have some for sale if you need

Probiotics and or any other appropriate preventative medicine

Eco Water bottle

Thermos mug for tea

Headlamp with batteries

Solar powered light

Solar rechargeable power cell to charge phones or devices if you are bringing them

Alarm clock

Any Spiritual Books you would like to read or share


Please leave behind;

Any plastics bags or water bottles and anything that will become trash. Please be conscious of taking all items you bring up the mountain back down with you, including empty shampoo bottles etc!

Bring less devices as The Yoga Forest has limited charging capacities operating on a simple solar system.


What should I bring with me?

It is necessary to bring your own biodegradable toiletries, a towel, and layers of clothing to suit varying temperatures during the day and night. All bedding is provided. Natural insect repellent comes in handy and a headlamp is a necessity. If you are staying for a while we recommend a solar powered light and a solar rechargeable power cell to charge your devices so you don't need to rely on our system which only offers access for one hour a day each morning to our solar charging station.




We are officially sponsored by Ableton Live. Registration now comes with 40% off Discount code for Ableton Live software.

We also have various other software and hardware giveaways that come with participation in Shakti Sound, making this truly an invaluable experience.




We offer some full and partial scholarships to womxn of color and indigenous background based on need and aligned purpose. Please send us a message if you would like to apply for some support.


Pricing and Early Bird for Shakti Sound::

Guatemala 2021

Pricing for Retreat at The Yoga Forest:

Dates: Feb 4-11 2021


Retreat Accommodation type:

Offsite (limited availability):: $1111

Earlybird:: $1055

Lakshmi (Shared 4):: $1555

Earlybird:: $1444


Rama (Shared 4):: $1555

Earlybird:: $1444

Sita (Shared 4):: $1555

Earlybird:: $1444

Geodesic Dome (Shared 3):: $1888

Earlybird:: $1666

Ganesh Loft (Shared 3):: $1888

Earlybird:: $1666

Writers Cabin Room (Shared 2):: $1999

Earlybird:: $1888

Forest Cabin Lake Room (Shared 2):: $1999

Earlybird:: $1888

Forest Cabin (Private):: $2222

Earlybird:: $2000

Krishna ( Private) :: $2222

Earlybird:: $2000

Radha (Private):: $2222

Earlybird:: $2000



******In the off chance that CO-VOID is still affecting travel at this time, we agree that all payments less fees will be refunded if there is a travel ban or quarantine happening in mid December. ******


A Deeper Look into our Curriculum: 

In regards to music production, there will be in-depth instruction using our music production software of choice, Ableton, to bring beginners to production into intermediate abilities within the spanse of the course.  This starts with first learning how to simplify the production process to get you creating immediately by using samples and drum loops to make unique musical arrangements and tracks.

We will have Beginner and Intermediate classes happening simultaneously for Music Production.


During this process, you’ll simultaneously be learning how to Record and edit vocals and instruments.

Once you understand this, we will empower you with the skills you need to start making your own tracks and your own beats with as many layers of sound and texture or as simplified as you’d like.  Using the software you will learn how to use built in instruments to create and layer melodies, atmospheres, vibes and background sounds, building the complexity and dynamic range of your music. This is where we get to explore your signature sound and hone in what makes your music original.  This is also where we start diving deeper into arrangement of your songs, taking already written songs to the next level, and bringing new songs to life.

We will learn how to edit and automate effects on your voice, instruments or melodies, bringing the depth and control in the creation process of your music to the next level.

We  will go over the basics of mixing and preparing your songs to be played back or shared.  

You can look forward to specialty classes that guide you in exploring music in ways that will open you creatively, expand your awareness of what’s possible and build your confidence in creating the sound that calls to you.

We empower our teachers to share their in depth techniques and create unique offerings that push the edges of creative production.


This could be anything from creating your favorite genres and styles of music, using software and hardware for live and recorded looping, deepening your understanding of sound and design, taking your acoustic or electronic compositions to the next level, producing tracks from found sounds, using other tracks that inspire you to guide your production process, expressing certain types of emotions through sound, music theory, advanced mixing,  vocal production techniques, maintaining your feminine essence in creation, utilizing ableton for live performance, creating ambient and sound healing compositions, understanding frequency and sound science on a fundamental level to creating a successful career from your music. This is only scratching the surface of the genius that comes from our facilitator’s brilliant hearts. 


Beyond just using Ableton for production, we will also be going over how to use Ableton for live sets and for looping. 

We will have ongoing hands-on DJing practice stations set up throughout the day to give you an opportunity to feel what it’s like to match beats, seamlessly fade into new tracks and create the kind of builds in energy you want your audience to feel. You will receive guidance in building your set from a range of facilitators there to specifically support up and coming DJs.     


We balance all of the technical classes with lots of space to play and integrate.

You can choose the classes that suit your interests.


Check out All our Beautiful Accomodations,
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:: Men's Version: Solar Sound::


If you have a male identified partner or a male/ non binary friend this would inspire... There is an option for you to get involved with our brother men’s music immersion: Solar Sound. This was birthed from Shakti Sound and is produced in complete alignment with our values.


Solar Sound only happens in tandem with Shakti Sound and we meet afterward to council and share skills and resources for mutual empowerment and deep vulnerable healing between the masculine and feminine.


At the same time that this is women’s work, it is also men’s work and we deeply respect and honor the brother’s who come in humble support of this mission, to also learn and deepen in authentic tribe together.


Check out their website here and tell them that Shakti Sound sent you to get a special deal:

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