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🎶🔊:: THE VISION :: 🔊🎶

We are Ecstatic to offer our FIRST EVER (Co-ed) ONLINE RETREAT experience.


We have found so much joy in innovatively weaving together aspects of the music creation process to offer you a unique journey. We've combined the essence of music creation, community, alchemy and deep care into the technical realms of music production

Imagine 111 people from all over the planet, simultaneously converging LIVE to learn from some of the most talented and open hearted masters of their craft in the music industry.





Sasha Rose

David Satori of Beats Antique
Mikey Pauker
Ashleigh Sargeant
Heather Christie McCoy
Steffen Ki of ALUNA Ritual Music
Hella Precious

Tyler Blank
Marya Stark



❖Are you ready to hone the skills necessary to express what your soul has been longing to express ?❖

❖This is an opportunity to stay on track with your purpose❖

This is your chance to become a part of an international web of support, composed of a global network of musicians and artists ready to participate in an ongoing community of colleagues and opportunities that will support you in your individual musical journey and career moving forward. ➳

We are bringing together a balanced and diverse line up of exceptional female and male educators and mentors who are ready to teach you their skills and amplify your gifts.

With a focus on ::
◦ Honing the skills relevant to producing a wide range of genres

◦ Learning the basics and more intermediate industry secrets, specialty skills and hacks in Ableton

◦ Enhancing your compositions

◦ Creating meaningful DJ sets

◦ Song writing, Freeing and opening your voice, Free styling skills

◦ Album Production and Music Business

◦ Taking your production techniques to the next level.

To go even deeper into some topics of discussion within the curriculum::



We are excited to share our FIRST EVER ONLINE virtual retreat experience.
Check out the Facebook Event Page Here

Register Online


We offer the following tier pricing:

3 Full Day experience @ $155 ::
:: 30 hours of LIVE teaching :: All Recorded Content :: Access to Break Out Sessions :: Discounts for in person retreat :: First 50 people receive 40% off Ableton ::

1 Day experience $55 ::
::10 hours of LIVE teaching :: Break out Sessions :: Recorded Content from that day::

VIP Experience $333 ::

Sponsorships from hardware and software companies :: Sample Packs :: Mentorship 1:1 session ::

The VIP Experience supports our scholarships for Women of Color to attend future retreats


⭐︎ You can send your full payment for 1 Day, 2 or 3 day experience (we suggest all three, of course) to:

⭐︎ via Paypal ⭐︎

⭐︎ It’s important to make the payment via Friends & Family to avoid fees, if you know there will be a fee please add 2.5% to your payment

⭐︎ Add to your note in the payment:: Your First Name & Last name & your Ticket Choice
Example: Ann Thomson 3 Day experience
or Ann Thomson 1 Day Experience


⭐︎You will receive a welcome email with your Welcome letter and Ableton intro class video link.

🖤🔊🎶 :: CONTACT ::🔊🎶🖤

Please email us at with questions

We hope to see you, these educational gatherings are truly life changing..

This will sell out, so if you feel the Yes, fill out the application above.

So Much Love and Excitement,
The Shakti Sound Team


Stay Tuned in for Updates on the classes

::For Now we can give you a taste::

The curriculum will include a deep dive into all things, from Music Production via Ableton, DJing and Set Creation, to Music Business and Career Building, including Workflow and Creative Process // Song writing// Free styling Skills // Vocal Empowerment.We will be going over things like Creating a track from start to finish // Recording vocal + beginner/ intermediate effecting // Adding energy and emotion to your tracks // Composing and adding layers to electronic/ acoustic tracks // Making Dance tracks // Creating Sound healing tracks And Medicine Music// Live performance //Djing as an Art // Crafting ecstatic dance journeys and signature sets // Looping Live //Live Performance with Instrumentation //Using Plug-ins and VSTs // Sound Design, Recording Processes // Creating All Original Tracks

✨🌈:: PERKS. ::🌈✨

✨The first 50 to sign up will receive 40% Off Any version of Ableton

✨All signups come with Free access to our pre recorded intro to ableton class where you are invited to get familiar with Ableton before the online course begins.

🔊🎶 :: WHY :: 🔊🎶

❖ We believe that music is a gateway to the soul, with the potential to unlock the mysteries of our unique, authentic expression.

❖ We created this experience to aid you in discovering your personal path towards full vibratory expression all from the comfort of your home.

❖ We are witnessing this major shift on a global level and there is no better time than now to offer more accessible online immersions for learning and creative exploration.

❖ We are creating meaningful content that bridges the worlds of musical genres, enriching the online space in these times.

❖ We are creatively weaving the feminine force of Creativity within us ALL with the masculine structure of practical learning and technology within us ALL, together in harmony.

❖ We believe in equality and we believe education is the pathway to equal representation of men and womxn in the music industry.


This 3 day course will be open to both men, womxn and ALL genders/ trans gender.

We are passionate about making education accessible to All, Especially People of Color.

We are actively inviting and reaching out to people of colour as part of our scholarship program.

We see this as an opportunity not only in education, but as a form of activism and inclusion. If you are a person of color that has a need for financial support to attend this: Please fill out the application below


Our teachers are here to be your personal music gurus and friends.  We are carefully selecting a group of professionals that know the ins and outs of the music, empowerment and career based content we are coordinating. They will share their secrets with you that took them years to discover on their own because we believe in open source sharing of knowledge and skills so that we can all learn from one another’s challenges and successes.


We only bring in the highest of caliber artists and educators for this offering.


What’s really amazing about this retreat is that it’s for all skill levels. 

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