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Online Retreat

April 23rd, 24th, 25th 2021

Online course

:: WHEN ::

This 3 day online retreat will be on April 23rd-25th 2021

All Content will be Recorded, Given and made Downloadable to those who sign up

This event is in PST timezone

Music is the language of the Universe. What does your creation want to sound like?

:: WHEN ::
This 3 day online retreat will be on April 23rd-25th 2021
This event is in PST timezone


One Sound :: A co-production of Shakti Sound and Solar Sound. Men and Women working together to educate the future leaders of a Music Industry of our own design.

 The One Sound Evolutionary Music Production & DJ Education Online Immersion will take 200 global participants on a journey through the processes and mastery of producing music and performances that HIT. If you’ve been dreaming about creating your own music of any genre, DJing, or taking your musical craft to the next octave, now is your time, here is our offer, and this, is your opportunity. 

After our incredibly successful sold out first run, we are ecstatic to bring back the next iteration of our online music production retreat.


☞ ☜


Tier 1: Early Bird $144 until Feb 11th
Tier 2: $177 until March 21st (Equinox)
Tier 3: $222 until April 23rd


:: 3 Days of LIVE teaching :: 30 hours of Recorded Content :: First 100 people receive 40% off Ableton ::


:: 1 Day experience $88 ::
::10 hours of LIVE teaching :: Recorded Content from that day::


Software from our Sponsors :: Sample Packs :: Special offers::
1 on 1 Mentorship session w/ one of our facilitators ::
VIP Package value is Far Beyond the price & supports our scholarships for People of Color to attend future retreats


⭐︎ You can send your full payment to via Paypal ⭐︎
⭐︎ It’s important to make the payment via Friends & Family to avoid fees, if you know there will be a fee please add 2.5% to your payment


⭐︎ You will receive a Welcome Email with your Welcome letter, Ableton Discount and All the Info You Need for the Immersion ⭐︎


:: PERKS ::
First 100 Signups receive 40% Off Any version of Ableton + Our Intro to Ableton course
Next 33 Signups receive ALL content from our prior retreat in addition to this one (555$ ++ value)


:: A R T I S T S & C L A S S E S ::






 David Block (The Human Experience): “The anatomy of creativity: How to push the boundaries of your creative process find your authentic and unique sound." (Ableton)


 Lizzy Jeff: "BEING A DIVINE PORTAL FOR CREATIVE BRILLIANCE & CHANNELING YOUR MUSIC SOVEREIGNTY: Catered towards artists and those that are looking to connect deeper into their creative brilliance through activating their sensuality and learning how to harness their natural powers to become a channel for divine downloads and inspiration."

This workshop includes interactive writing exercises and meditations to help you find your spiritual voice , a throat chakra activation, body movement & a freestyle session that gives attendees pure freedom to surrender to their creative flow & cultivate musical medicine for self healing and world peace."


 AHEE: "Aliens & Ableton w/ AHEE!: Mixing/Bus Mastering, Bass Sound Design in Serum, Sub Bass Phase Cancellation, & How to reverse engineer any beat." (Ableton)


 Alixa Garcia (Climbing Poetree): "Spell-casting as Future Ancestors. 
In this writing workshop we will warp time and speak to the future, casting poetic spells as ancestors to be. Come prepared to expand your imagination beyond the current realms of existence. Bring something to burn (sage, palo santo, incense) or an offering in the form of a stone, crystal, or sacred material."


 Living Light: "Signature Sound and Composition: Eartha Harris first guides participants into finding one's own unique signature sound from a variety of influences, both sonic and experiential. This is followed by building a 32 bar looped track which is then turned into a full composition, with added focus on creating movement and sonic journey. In this rich and content packed class, Eartha will be demonstrating in Cubase, but the concepts discussed are not DAW dependent and are applicable to any music sequencing program."


 Temple Step: "Audio Engineering and the Art of Balancing Sound + The Art Recording Musicians and Vocalists + Electro/Tribal Beat Programming"


 Annie Wagstaff: "How to get creative ideas down quickly"


 Ixchel Prisma: "Healing Music: Production & Composition: Music can be one of the most powerful forces for healing and transformation, when cultivated with clear intention and prayer.In this workshop we will co-create a sonic healing journey using prayerful intention and creative technique. We will explore the elements of production for a healing song, and walk through the fundamentals of composition for medicine music. We will discover how to bring a healing song or chant to life with supporting textures, lush soundscapes, percussive elements, and organic instrumentation.
Some topics we will cover will be:
- Musical Composition and arrangement
- Blending organic and electronic sounds
- Elements of medicine music
- Vocal chants and effects
*Production will be done using Logic Pro X, Splice samples, Appleloops, and built in plugins."


 Balkan Bump: "From Curious to Glorious: Music production fusing Live Instruments, how to make your songs POP, and adding unique elements to your songs." (Ableton)


 Entheo: "In this ACOUSTIC RECORDING CLASS, you’ll learn how to transform your acoustic songs into professional, powerful & captivating music productions. We will cover: Recording Vocals, Recording Instruments, Arranging, Composing & Layering, Gear, Mindset, Tips & Tricks, Real Examples, References & Tutorials." (Ableton)


 Elijah Ray: “The Living Loop” is a Masterclass designed to give you everything you need to dive into the magical world of live looping with the RC-505"


 Hella Precious: "Intro to Ableton: Making Your First Beat In Ableton + Arranging Your first Song Using Splice" (Ableton)


 Beat Kitty: Intro to DJing (TRAKTOR)


 Sister Stone: Album Release 101


And our pre-retreat Masterclasses:

 NAOBA: Remix Class (March 25)

 Equanimous: Collaborating with artists remotely (April 15)


Will be recorded and downloadable if you miss anything due to Timezone difference or other plans.


Has something for every skill level with special attention to all the stepping stones needed for those just getting started and every bit of intermediate and highly specialized content that's highly accessible and beneficial for artists at any stage in their career or those already seasoned on this path.

You can also look forward to classes in Beat Creation, Arranging and Composing, Songwriting, Music Business, Mixing and Mastering, Discovering Musical Sovereignty, Live Performance, Finding your Signature Sound, Acoustic and Medicine Music Production, Recording and Vocal Production, Vocal Jedi Dojo Training and using your platform for change and purpose

 Imagine people from all over the planet, simultaneously converging LIVE to learn from some of the most talented and open hearted masters of their craft in the music industry.
At our previous online retreat, we had over 144 participants Globally with room and capacity for growth. For this retreat, we are calling in 200 participants to learn, grow, and evolve musically with us. 

 This is your chance to become a part of an international web of support, composed of a global network of musicians and artists ready to participate in an ongoing community of colleagues and opportunities that will support you in your individual musical journey and career moving forward. ➳


This 3 day course will be open to both men, womxn and ALL genders/ trans gender.
We are passionate about making education accessible to All, Especially People of Color and Indigenous backgrounds.
We see this as an opportunity not only in education, but as a form of activism and inclusion.


:: WHY ::
❖ We believe that music is a gateway to the soul, with the potential to unlock the mysteries of our unique, authentic expression.
❖ We created this experience to aid you in discovering your personal path towards full expression all from the comfort of your home.
❖ We are witnessing this major shift on a global level and there is no better time than now to offer more accessible online immersions for learning and creative exploration.
❖ We are creating meaningful content that bridges the worlds of musical genres, enriching the current online ecosystem while we’re at it.
❖ We are creatively weaving the feminine force of Creativity within us ALL with the masculine structure of practical learning and technology within us ALL, together in harmony.
❖ We believe education is the pathway to equal representation of men and womxn in the music industry.

We hope to serve you, these educational gatherings are truly life changing.
If you feel the Yes, fill out the application above.


Please email us at with questions
So Much Love and Excitement,
The Shakti Sound & Solar Sound Team
No Refunds w/ Some Permitted Exceptions.


We've had over 600+ satisfied students come through our on the ground programs. 


Please email us at with questions

We hope to see you, these educational gatherings are truly life changing..

This will sell out, so if you feel the Yes, fill out the application above.

So Much Love and Excitement,


Future On the Ground Events:


  it's all here.

Our Curriculum is designed for all skill levels!

You can reserve a spot by sending a deposit of 111$ to

We are officially sponsored by Ableton Live. Registration now comes with 40% off Discount code for Ableton Live software!

Click here for all the info

Previous Events:

3 cups



February 6-13th

February 6-13th

Costa Rica

Shakti Sound is coming to Costa Riiiicaaa Feb 6-13th 2020, where the magic of the Costa Rican rainforest and the Dance of the Caribbean Sea alchemize to form the perfect location for our immersion.

Aligning in perfect timing, we gather for a week long music production retreat in the Costa Rican jungles and beaches. Immersing deep into learning and embodying the highest potential of our musical offerings.

We are a collaborative team of established womxn Music Producers and DJs providing sophisticated training in a lush, learning conducive environment. We offer rich and diverse content that provides tangible skills in all things music, personal empowerment and transformation.

On a technical level, women will learn basic and intermediate skills music production via the software Ableton and in DJing via the software Traktor and Ableton. We will teach you about the science and spirit of sound engineering, recording and professionalism.


We are here to take your skillset to the next level and leave you with your questions answered, feeling confident with the software, and ready to take whatever genre of music you are making or have wanted to create to the next level.

From simple beat making to sound design, mixing your track, music theory, arrangement and composition, songwriting, recording, effecting, performing, marketing, using your platform to make change, facing your fears and challenges in sharing your sound, connecting deeper to your voice and body, getting booked, creating followings and making the music you hear in your head and heart.

We support women in getting their individual questions answered and needs met with 1 on 1 mentoring available to ensure the content is absorbed and applied.


Our Curriculum is Perfect for Beginners!



The Goddess Garden

We are officially sponsored by Ableton Live. Registration now comes with 40% off Discount code for Ableton Live software!

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